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2010年三月二十日,中国公益2.0项目的前期学员 ——广西公益资讯网、广西南宁的安典文化交流中心、与爱心蚂蚁—三家组织在安典举办了有关Web2.0的活动分享。 由卢宜川、黄孟芳、陈词主持,与高校学生社团代表与其它公益团队人员讲授WEB2.0公益传播精神、谷歌日历、网上问卷调研工具、与博客营销。
On March 20,2010,former NGO2.0 China Project trainees – Guangxi NGO Information Net, Guangxi Andian Cultural Center, and Compassionate Ants – organized a Web 2.0 Sharing Workshop for local grassroots NGOs. Subjects taught included Web 2.0 and Nonprofits Communication, Google Calendar, Online Survey tools, and Blog Marketing.

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