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Online Evangelists Help Feed Shelter Animals and Provide Housing

Twelve year old Mimi Ausland from Bend, Oregon has provided over 50 tons of food to needy animals in shelters through two websites she created.


In 2008, after learning about the food shortages many animal shelters face, Mimi – with help from her parents and months of research and planning- created the websites freekibble.com and freekibblekat.com. Her efforts prompted Castor and Pollux, a Portland, Ore. pet products company, to donate 10 pieces of kibble for every answer to the animal trivia questions Mimi posts on her site. Visitors to the site not only help contribute food but learn something about animals in shelters.

2008年,咪咪在听说收容所的动物面临着食物短缺困难之后,在父母的帮助下,通过了数月的调查和筹划,终于建成了两个网 站:freekibble.com 和 freekibblekat.com。网站上她贴上有关宠物知识的趣味问题。她的行动引起了俄列冈州波特兰市的一个宠物商品公司的注意。这个名为的 Castor and Pollux的公司愿意帮助。每一次有读者解答她的趣味问题, 公司就给咪咪的网站免费赠送十粒宠物食品。这样一来,咪咪网站的读者不仅给动物们带来了食物,还丰富了自己的知识。

Since April of 2008 she has provided over 713,000 meals to hungry dogs and cats. She has become the sole supplier to 11 shelters nationwide. In the fall of 2008 she was honored by the ASPCA with their “Kid of the Year” award for her efforts. Mimi is one of a new breed of “online evangelists” who promote good causes, often independently, not as agents of the organizations they support.

从2008年四月起,咪咪已经为饥饿的小猫小狗们提供了七十一万三千餐饭,成为了全美国十一家动物收容所的专门食品供应者。2008年秋天,她的行 动受到了ASPCA(美国最大的动物保护组织)的褒奖,这个组织授予了咪咪“年度优秀少儿”的荣誉。Mimi是新一代“网上天使”的代表,他们通常以个人 为单位,不依靠其它的媒介和组织,通过互联网推广公益事业。

P30W Main

Judith Sol-Dyess was touched by the people she saw who lived at the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, where she works as the Sr. Director of Information Systems.

Judith created a simple yet effective website called Project30W named for the buildings address, 30 W Chicago Ave. Although the building is her office, for many it is their home.

朱迪思·索迪斯是芝加哥市YMCA(基督教青年协会)的信息系统主任,她被那些住在YMCA的人的遭遇所触动。朱迪思自己创建了一个简单而有效的网 站,名为“西30计划”,因为YMCA的地址是在西芝加哥大道30号。虽然这里是她的办公室,可是对很多人来说,这里就是他们的家。

On the site she shares her experience of her neighbors along with portraits of them, showing their humanity and giving viewers a window into the lives of people who live a that Y. Even though she is an employee, Judith is sharing her personal experience and suggesting people make donation to help support the people she now knows as friends.

在这个网站上,她分享了自己和这些邻居的故事以及他们的照片。这样不仅体现了这些无家可归的人生活的侧面,并且给予了网站读者一扇与这些生活在 YMCA的人交流的窗户。虽然她是YMCA的雇员,她和这些住在YMCA的人已经成为了朋友,朱迪思分享她们之间的故事,并且号召读者募捐,改善这些新朋 友的状况。

These are two examples of individuals motivated to help a cause on their own using the online medium. How do you excite your supporters and motivate them to spread your message online?




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